Membership Guidelines

  1. Peel Referral Association Inc. is a non-profit organization with the purpose of sharing business opportunities with others in the group by way of referrals.
  2. Membership is limited to a single representative of any occupation, trade or profession.
  3. There will be an annual election by the membership for the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership/Social Chair, at the end of December.
  4. Weekly attendance is expected and if unable to attend, prior notification to the Membership Chair is required. Non-attendance for three (3) consecutive weeks (not excused) will be grounds for membership review by the association.
  5. All Members will be associate members of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce. Associated membership is only in effect while the member is in good standing with the Peel Referral Association.
  6. At all times members of PRA will demonstrate ethical behaviour towards the PRA and their fellow members. Failure to comply with the ethics guidelines of PRA may be subject to membership review by the association.

Membership Fees

  1. Membership consist of a one-time setup fee of $75, plus a monthly fee of $55.
  2. Additional fees will only be charged on an agreed levy by the association.
  3. Membership fees (which include the cost of breakfast) will be paid in advance by post-dated cheques for the calendar year.  If a member resigns, he/she will get the remaining cheques back.  This amount is due with or without attendance.  Non-payment of membership dues in a timely manner may be grounds for membership review by the group.
  4. Special events and social gatherings will be in addition to any membership fees
  5. From time to time the membership may elect to group advertise or group promote, such fees will be in addition to membership fees.

Meeting Guidelines

  1. Meetings will be held on a weekly basis on Tuesday mornings, commencing at 7.30 am and ending by 9.00 am.
  2. There will be no meetings on weeks where a statutory holiday falls on any weekday within that week.
  3. Meetings will consist of an introductory 30-second infomercial for each member business. At this time the sponsor will introduce their guests and the guest will give their infomercial at the end of the round table introductions.
  4. Each week, one member of the group will be given an opportunity, on a rotation basis, to present their business for a 10-15 minute presentation. The presenter from the previous week will then be required to give the group an educational or inspirational message.
  5. Each week there will be a quick review of any business, which may not be able to wait for a business meeting. A business meeting will be held every 6 weeks to update the direction of the association and its members. On this week there will be no speaker.
  6. Referral and testimonials will be given at the end of the meeting and the membership chairperson will track them. These referrals are specific and the party is expecting to be contacted by the referral party. Referrals can be direct or third party.
  7. The membership officer, separate from normal business referrals, will track referrals for members brining guests to PRA meetings.

Ethics Guidelines

  1. Members will always treat other members in a professional manner during meetings.
  2. Members will adhere to their category listing during infomercials and not promote for themselves or other entities into the category of another member of the group.
  3. Guests will be treated in a professional manner at all times, regardless of whether or not the decision of the group is to deny membership because of category conflicts.
  4. Members shall at all times refrain from defaming the PRA to individuals outside the organization.
  5. Members will advise the chair when unable to attend meetings, in a timely manner.
  6. Members are expected to keep their dues current.

Guests / Visitors

  1. Members are encouraged to bring guests and potential members to breakfast meetings. Monthly membership fees may cover the cost of guests on a normal basis.
  2. Guests are welcome to attend on 2 occasions prior to joining our association. At that time they would be expected apply to join the PRA, and provide the appropriate fees.

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